August 19, 2022 8:58 am

4 techniques to make casino money with 4 types of casino game

1. Roulette, bet with 2 zones

roulette is a gambling that has many types to choose from. and has an attractive payout rate of 36 times the stake And of course, there were many different and different Master formulas. Depends on playing at the aptitude The team recommends a 2-zone betting formula, with the option to have a total of 3 zones.

– 1st Zone = numbers 1 – 12

– 2nd Zone = numbers 13 – 24

– 3rd Zone = numbers 25 -36

if the result is 0 numbers, the dealer eats. (Loyalty fee)

By the way, choose to bet on 2 zones, for example, bet on zone 1, bet 100 and zone 2, bet 100 baht. When the result comes out, let’s say it’s number 17, it means that zone 1, we lose 100 baht, but we get to zone 2, get 300, total capital equals that Bet 200 baht, but we got 300 baht = profit of 100 baht. It’s a play that has a very small chance of losing, which is 1 in 3, making it a formula that will make a good profit from playing.

2. Baccarat Repeat the dealer

playing baccarat It is a play that predicts the side whose score is closest to the number 9, which can be played by both sides. Is the Player’s side, the Player or the Banker’s side, Banker, where the banker’s side has a water fee deduction when you guess correctly, for example, a bet of 100 baht will be deducted from the remaining 95 baht result of deduction of water and often frequented on the player’s side so often that they do not know which according to

statistics, the overall result will go out to the dealer more Let you remind yourself to always have an eye that has to repeat the dealer. and then switch to play as needed

3. Hi-Lo, sowing bet

It is similar to the formula for playing roulette. But Hi-Lo has more numbers. causing the need to sow bets By setting 4 numbers you like, such as 1-2-3-4, then bet the numbers alternately, all 6 types (1-2,1-3,1-4,2-3,2-4 ,3-4) Place a bet of 100 x 6 = 600 baht each. When the result comes out, assuming there are 2 correct numbers (1 pair), you will get 500 baht and the other 5 pairs will lose 500, equal to parity. It doesn’t matter, however. But if any eye luck enters the way There are 3 numbers that come out as you bet, for example 1-2-3, you will get 3 pairs for 1,500 baht and lose 3 pairs 300 baht = full profit of

1,200 baht. It’s a very profitable formula. By the mother clause that when winning this formula, baccarat, if the result comes out with only one correct number (no pair), you will lose a full 600 baht, which is difficult.

4. Tiger – Dragon odd bet

Betting on Tiger – Dragon looks like a 50-50% play in the most risky bet. because you don’t have to be very excited With the showdown and knowing the outcome, it can be difficult to analyze and predict the outcome of the cards from both sides. By allowing you to focus on odd-even bets because this play will use 5 decks of cards, divided into 120 pairs and 140 odd cards, which is more. assuming that when the game has started 20 pairs have been played and

20 odds are equal, bet on odds 20 games from now, more open chances to play. If the odd side is correct, the water fee will be deducted at 0.75, but the rate is higher and worth it.

This is an example of 4 techniques to make money. Online casinos beat the dealer for beginners. It’s good. or those who play regularly can be applied to your own play Which the team has given an example of this great formula in all 4 types, because some of you have never played in a casino of some kind, trying to open up to play something new May allow you to find more play that you like. As for gambling, no matter what kind Although the right to get high But you also have to take care and manage your money within the boundaries with discipline.